Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Trees

                              Then shall the trees of the forest sing for joy before the Lord....
                                                                  I Chronicles 16:33
                                                                                                       photo by C Scodova

                                                     How beautiful are the trees
                                                     swishing their silky filigrees
                                                     of ivories, peridots 
                                                     and burgundies
                                                     above the shifting shadows
                                                     as if they have been dreaming all the bone-
                                                     barren winter of this moment 
                                                     in the morning's twirling light,
                                                     branches spilling with songbirds'  
                                                     singing as the ruckus
                                                     of happiness takes flight. 


  1. This is fantastic, Cynthia. I like the left alignment in this piece. It's one-sentence length gives the poem a succinctness. This compactness captures and presents that feeling of an immediate response to our surrounding environment. I sense the speaker was "hit" with this image and sound of the morning, and so is the reader. Superb. I especially enjoy the colors and the ruckus of happiness. Incidentally, that photograph reminds me of your lane down the backyard past the horse pasture-- did you take this picture? I am enjoying all your posts of late!

    1. Thanks so much for your in-depth reply. I was struck this morning by all the trees and green and bird songs. Nothing gets past you!! I am grateful for your reading and thoughts. I did take the photo off my porch this morning!! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful day!!! God bless...

  2. I doubt it is so much my reading, but more your craft of writing that brings these things to light. I am only observing what is in the poem. It is good to be in practice!

  3. I'm glad Amy asked if you took the photo, so you could tell us you did! It goes magnificently with what you've written.

    1. Thank you Nancy....what beauty our creator creates! It is amazing gifting....enjoy the amazing Spring!!! God Bless....