Monday, May 4, 2015

Love Poems

                                               The Lord is my sheperd I shall not want
                                                  In verdant pastures he gives me repose; 
                                               Beside restful waters he leads me;
                                                  he refreshes my soul.   
                                                                                                      Psalm 23:1-2                   

The morning earth is opening
her volumes of light
 like love poems from God,
 again and again.

The grasses of the sloping hills
are kneeling in the 
dew-beaded masses
of spring.

  Ten thousand blushes of leaves 
are uncoiling their haze
of greenest light 
to the weary eyes of the soul.

 The lilies too, considering,
 are standing in their glory
in the humble fields
 on fire with heaven.

   Trilliums throng the wooded floors,
    are singing their fluted, silky songs,
    are opening their hidden gates
      into the meadows of paradise. 


  1. Yay, Spring! And this, your love poem back to God! I love the light and the dew and the "considering" lilies. I love the haze and the wet earth, the pushing-through of the life. You do well to illustrated how nature praises the Creator just by being what they are -- the trillium, the lilies, the leaves, the hills, the earth. Ah, this reminds me that when we are our truest selves we are then in our state of fullest praise. I am reminded of the Monks of New Skeet: God will not ask us why we were not Mother Teresa. He will not ask why we were not St. Paul. He will not ask why we were not our mother or our sister or our brother or our grandfather. Rather, God will ask why we were not ourselves. This inspires me to be my truest self. Thank you for this love poem!

  2. Edit: that should have read Monks of New "Skete"

    1. Oh, lovely and inspiring thoughts Amy. Our "truest self" as fullest praise. Also reminds me of Augustine"s "the greatest glory to God is a human being fully alive!" I may not have quoted it exactly right. So much to be thankful for....especially you!!! Thanks a and light of Christ in you...all around you....