Saturday, October 31, 2015


                                             You saints of the Lord, O bless the Lord for ever!                  

The whirlwind
through the tree groves'
gold of leaves;
the wild currency 
of beauty
tithing the bleak air
with baskets of spilling light,
saints' bright prayers. 


  1. I love the link between tithing, (wild) currency, baskets, prayers and saints. This is a lovely piece, Cynthia. I am wild about your skillfulness at metaphor!! So glad we are writing again, friend.

    1. Thanks Amy! It has been a long while. Looking forward to November and the slow days!! God Bless!!

  2. Oh my goodness. "The wild currency of beauty tithing the bleak air with baskets of spilling light..." I wish I could let you know how these - and so many other of your - lines affect me, but I don't have the vocabulary for it beyond "Oh my goodness" !! So I hope you will accept my stumbly wows and goshes and oh my goodnesses as the THANKS they truly are. THANK YOU for sharing with us the gift you have been given by God.

    1. Thanks so much Nancy!! You are so generous and I love your wows and goshes and oh my goodnesses!! So kind of you and I appreciate your time with reading and commenting!! I am a bit rusty and hoping to settle into more reading and writing this month. I love your posts and the consistency of your publishing. So grateful....XOXO....