Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Vesper Stones

                                         Lord, you have seen our trouble and our sorrow.
                                           You have heard the prayer of the weak, Lord,
                                              and you will strengthen their hearts. 
                                                                                                          Psalm 9

                                                In the cool of evening
                                                the light becomes a gravel of stars     
                                                across the deep-blue road of night.
                                                Venus rolls over the horizon
                                                like a bright pebble
                                                into dark water

                                                and our mind's havoc goes under
                                                our long anguish as
                                                we begin to roll the utterances

                                                of our prayers
                                                into bright blues and indigos,
                                                blood-reds, emeralds, and golds

                                                like rough stones 
                                                we long polish and smooth
                                                with our weary and battered hearts; 

                                                drop into 
                                                the vast well
                                                of Your sacred heart.

     Inspired by Nancy Shuman's Post: Revisiting 5 Smooth Stones


  1. Ah, good - you did it! When I read the beautiful comment you left on my post, I immediately thought "she could write a powerful poem about that!" And here it is. it is powerful indeed.

    1. And a big thank you for the inspiration of your writing! I love that piece!! God bless you dear friend!!

  2. I love this piece. The prayer stones. (I love this idea of prayer stones, Nancy!). I like how you've linked the vesper stones to gravel/stars and "road of night". Most especially I love the image of dropping the stones into a well. This is tangible and probable, and livable, and brings back memories of throwing or dropping stones into water, whether a well, or pond, lake, stream, or puddle. God is big, and he can take all our stones. Thanks for posting this and for your dialogue with Nancy on her site and yours. Love and light, friend!

    1. Thanks Amy! Prayer stones are intriguing and beautiful in their images and resonances. I didn't do them justice but tried to put down a little tribute for these gems. God bless..

  3. Beautiful poem! That's how I think of sea glass, as prayer stones. The vast well of His Sacred Heart-that's a great image1 Thank you so much for your beautiful poetry.