Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Regarding Love

                        On your exceedingly great mercy, and on that alone, rests all my hope.     
                                                                     St. Augustine

                                                       To regard anything
                                               is to regard You.

                                               The infinitesimal sings its small song of You,
                                               the hugeness bends,

                                               the rain's prayer descends
                                               to the lowest place,

                                               the earth, in all its indifference
                                               and glory, You sustain.

                                               And our souls, 
                                               our souls are woven, have their breadth in You,

                                               for the flesh ensouls, longs
                                               for You.

                                               May we do what we are meant to do:
                                               to be a great many 

                                               in love with You in each other
                                               and any good we may will with You.


  1. Magnificent. "The hugeness bends..." Oh, I love it.

    1. Thanks Nancy!You are generous as always!!! Hope you are enjoying the springtime!! I'll be over to your place soon!! God bless...

  2. To see St. Augustine on your post was a shock. This makes it the third time he has come to me this month! I wonder what he 'brings' for me. What road has he come to point out to me?

    The infinitesimal sings its small song for You
    Has St. Augustine come, to yet again tell me the way of the Spirit is in littleness? Every little act of love, every little tiny deed, every tiny song sung for the Love of the Most High, like pearls dropped down a thread, one day to form a necklace of atonement?

    1. Wow...your words are so poetic and searching and deep. I love, love "like pearls dropped down a thread...." Wish I had thought of it to go with the rain: the rain descends "like pearls dropped down a thread." Yes. Lovely. St. Augustine seems to be reaching out to you! May you receive what is meant to be given...God bless friend!!

    2. Claudia, your exquisite poem doesn't need any word change. Every word, every line tugged at my heart! Thank you for your wish... I pray so too!