Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rain Clouds

                                           Yours are the heavens and yours is the earth,
                                            you set firm the globe and all it contains.
                                                                                            Psalm 88

                                                   As if the clouds were not content to be
                                                   the nebulous shook over us--
                                                   violet wings soft fleeting--
                                                   the grey-thin skin over the blue body of sky.

                                                   As if they wanted to be 
                                                   the soft hands over the world
                                                   touching the boundaries of things:
                                                   the edges of the myriad 

                                                   leaves and soft palms of wildflowers
                                                   the fields are lifting
                                                   above the bent blades of grass,
                                                   the delicate root-hairs,

                                                   my looking up 
                                                   as if blind 
                                                   and feeling the rain

                                                   for the first time.


  1. Cynthia this is so beautiful!!! What an image this conjures!

  2. Hearing your bell tinkle, I came here yesterday, Cynthia. I came with an ache in my heart. I saw your clouds and your rain through a thick glass, and longed for the wet to douse the flames within me. Then, a little thing happened. Short hours later, at the end of my Rosary, the rain finally came, a soft, shimmering curtain, falling in a sprinkle. I went to bed, asking Jesus to forgive me my sins. I have wakened today, not happy and soaring as usual but the rain has put out the fire. Like you, I can finally feel the rain, touch it for the first time....

    1. Thank you for your always poetic and insightful replies. May your heart be filled with light and rain!!!