Saturday, May 9, 2015

Yellow Swallowtail

       The Lord remembered his holy word, and he brought out his people with joy. Alleluia.
                                                                                      Universalis Responsorial
                                                                                                                     photo by C Scodova

                                                     The yellow swallowtail 
                                                         has just landed on the lavender lilac 
                                                            like a page of heaven-
                                                               scorched prayer
                                                                  from the old book of light,

                                                     like a slow-wandering sage 
                                                        blessing the huddled  
                                                              of blossoms
                                                                 and shuffling leaves,

                                                     like a dazzling 
                                                        ladle of longing
                                                           dipping into  
                                                              the petaled-pails  
                                                                 of paradise,

                                                      or a poet turning 
                                                         a sackcloth of words 
                                                           into wings of sun-fire 
                                                              lifting into the dark- 
                                                                 blue temple of air. 




  1. Cynthia, this was magnificent! "Like a poet"-that's you ! Love it! Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Thank you Anne! (Though, I was referring to/thinking of a few of my favorite and amazing poets!) A Blessed and Happy Mother's Day to you too!! How did the procession go? I bet it was wonderful like you!!!

    2. Thanks Cynthia-we didn't process because we had an all-day rain here in Milwaukee, so we had a May Crowning rosary prayer service indoors. It was beautiful but very stressful with the last minute change of location. But I learned a lot and if we ever have to move it indoors again it will be much easier. Happy belated Mother's Day to you!

  2. Cynthia, I am enthralled by this piece. These fantastic metaphors. The lines angled like wings. The single sentence. Then, the surprise last stanza -- a poet. I think of Rumi when I read this. All I can do is smile. And wish I held this book (your blog) in my actual "real-life" hands.

  3. Thanks Amy! This butterfly was such a gift...writing this was a pleasure as I felt it a tribute for the beauty of this incredible life form lilting by! Ah Rumi! What a poet! I can relate to your love ofl the real books...I love the feel of them in my hands too! Hopefully, one day, we will share each other's books and rustle the pages together! All love and light your way friend!!