Friday, May 8, 2015

Morning Dogwoods

I will thank you, Lord, among the peoples,
  among the nations I will praise you
for your love reaches to the heavens
  and your truth to the skies.
O God, arise above the heavens;
  may your glory shine on earth!
                                   Psalm 56:8-12                                                photo by C Scodova

                                                The wind is shaking the gold-green crowns
                                                of dogwood blossoms

                                                throned in trees of light
                                                as if, all morning, they had nothing better to do

                                                than give their kingdoms away, 

                                                from the rumpled-silks of their hearts
                                                and branching routes of beauty

                                                crossing the bright-open 
                                                borders of love.


  1. I absolutely love how you pull metaphor out of nothing, out of chaos, out of the air: rumpled-silks of their hearts, routes of beauty, borders of love. These kinds of metaphors happen all over your writing. I love how your mind works!

  2. Ah thanks Amy...these compliments means so much coming from the amazing poet/writer you are and continue to be...God bless friend!!