Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Magnolia Leaves

                                           You have heard the prayer of the weak, Lord,
                                                – and you will strengthen their hearts.

                                                              The magnolia leaves
                                                              are falling 
                                                              like old-copper pages 
                                                              from another realm.

                                                              Delicate rustling
                                                              turning my sweeping 
                                                              to see 

                                                              what made 
                                                              the parched music
                                                              in the scrolling quiet 
                                                              of the autumn air?

                                                              What persistent prayer 
                                                              haphazard lay
                                                              beneath the buds'
                                                              velvet fists.


  1. Cynthia, I love the controlled paper metaphor. The leaves in the title are echoed throughout the poem in pages, rustling, parchment, scrolling. I, too, have a magnolia tree in the back yard and have heard that same rustling. There is something very comforting about the "persistent prayer" however "haphazard" it may be. Perhaps we are all like this, to God, rustling leaves, praying haphazardly, but persistently. Thank you for writing, posting, and for praying!

    1. Thanks Amy. I love to think we are like rustling leaves to God, "praying haphazardly, but persistently. I love your insights and am so grateful for your reading and commenting and for just being beautiful and brilliant you!! Prayers your way always....

  2. I can read your poems over and over and over. I DO read your poems over and over and over. Thank you.

    1. Oh Nancy! You are so kind and generous!! I love your presence here and at your place!! I am honored and blessed immensely that you read my poems over and over. Thank you from the bottom of my heart friend in Christ....God Bless....XOXOXO