Thursday, May 7, 2015

Flocks Of Light

                I am the light of the world. He who follows me can never walk in darkness; 
                            he will possess the light which is life, alleluia.
                                                                                 Universalis Responsorial
                                                                                                                    photo by C Scodova

                                                       Each morning
                                                       we are born
                                                       a bright-winged transcendence
                                                       from the dark womb of night.

                                                       Our souls opening to possibilities
                                                       of wonder and awe,
                                                       like the apple blossoms
                                                       that are just unfurling  

                                                       their fists of fire into the azure air,                                                                                                         their ten thousand offerings of love,
                                                       like flocks of light
                                                       bursting into flight.


  1. Cynthia, it seems as though you must have a beautiful scope for your imagination this time of year. I imagine you waking up to sunshine with a warm breeze blowing in through sheer curtains, birds chirping just outside your window and the fragrance of spring flowers wafting past your nostrils. How else could you craft such lovely poems each day? God has blessed you with a natural gift in your surroundings and a natural gift in your writing abilities. I'm blessed to read and reflect upon your poems.

  2. Thanks so much Anne! Yes, the landscape is beautiful this part of Ohio and I am so grateful to God to be steeped in it. His beauty never ceases to astound me, especially in one of my favorite months of May (the other being October!). I am blessed with generous and kind and wonderful readers!! So thankful to share with you!! Enjoy Mary's month!!! and the upcoming procession!! Prayers your way friend!!!

  3. Cynthia this is a neat piece, mostly because of your use of "we" which I don't recall reading all that often in your pieces. Though quite possibly I'm just missing it and if I looked back I'd see it all! At any rate, I feel I'm seeing a completely different dimension and interest. Funny how we notice certain things at certain times....
    Also, this piece your use of quatrains and, shorter lines, left alignment and only three stanzas gives this poem a pop of completeness. Love it.

  4. Yes, I like the "pop" too! I am not even sure how often I use "we" either!! I love how you see, your depth!! Thanks again for your generous insights....Love and light your way friend...