Friday, December 4, 2015

The Night Magi

                           After their audience with the King they set out. 
                          And behold, the star that they had seen at its rising preceded them....
                                                                                                                Matthew 2:9

                                                         They lie down on the brittle- 
                                                         cold, desert floor,
                                                         beneath the dust of starlight,
                                                         the brightest star
                                                         they read and follow 
                                                         across the expanse of their faith.

                                                         They lie down together,
                                                         weary in the long and difficult miles 
                                                         beneath the light lugging them
                                                         beyond themselves
                                                         into a fidelity 
                                                         to the light,

                                                         to the Lord
                                                         who lies vulnerable and swaddled
                                                         in the dominion of love
                                                         across the vast threshold
                                                         of our parched
                                                         and dangerous night.

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  1. I love this! I love "across the expanse of their faith," "beyond themselves," "across the vast threshold". I love the traveling, and how you are able to pack in such depth and meaning in short pieces like this one. It moves along in present tense yet without the "ing". It moves along at a "desert's pace", one that might be slow and steady. It is neat to see the connection between the humans and the divine: that they "lie down" and "lie down", and then we see even "the Lord who lies vulnerable..." I appreciate the objective nature of the poem, the observing narrator, until the end, when it becomes "our" night. This is powerful. If I try to say anymore, it'll ruin it! Love to you!