Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 He determines the number of the stars 
         and calls them each by name.                                      
                                   Psalm 147:4

At the Rupp Observatory with my little daughters, 
the dusk just trailing its long gowns into night when we arrived.  

The girls with their hot tea in thermos's and warmer clothing on for the chill air coming in; the darkening and the brightening; the haze of the spiral over us; all the light from dead stars and those still converting the elements.  

What globular clusters! The Ring Nebula! Jupiter the brightest with his moons and a moon shadow across the surface.  

All the varied telescopes set up like pale trunks ready to open and share.  The lift taking us up to the eye piece in the dome.  

How we looked into the inexplicable mysteries once again; how we are netted each night by them.  

We try and look to see what we see through mirrors and tubes and all the while a long-tailed meteor, brilliant and large, skimmed across half the lake of night while we were looking elsewhere. 

Seeing God in our lives, ourselves and others can be missed when He blazes across our night if we are so distracted.  

May we watch and wait for our Lord to flare across our darkness; may we see farther than telescopes by looking with the eyes of our hearts: looking out into His brilliance to see within, where He resides in each of us, in all of space and time-- illuminating all.

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