Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Painters' Fields

                                                                    Sandra Hansen

The landscape is walking across the sky of my soul today. 

Driving out through Bellville and Butler on my way to a trail ride; what colors in the fields and sky.  

The clouds' billowing sculptures mountainous and tinged with violet against a brilliant cherubian blue.  

The breeze over the soy fields shimmering golden hues as if during all the sun dripping day it thought to become a sea of nameless shades.  That is why paint is I suppose. The patterns of the fields varying, alternating soy, winter wheat greens and the sandy, parched corn color: angle against angle as we drove by with our horses in the trailer.  

What a glorious day all the earth seemed to be singing as I remembered the wasp, caught in the spider’s web on the porch eave fighting for it’s life. How each of us is snagged eventually in the wide flung web of pain and loss.  All this incredible beauty amidst terrains of globe-heavy suffering as we struggle for joy; to live life to the fullest; to live the gospel life.  

Lord have mercy on us.  Lord of Love and long autumnal Light and Beauty and Forgiveness have mercy on us.

Keep us in your graces. 

Keep my attention on what matters to you for my one wild and wonderful life.

Meanwhile, the molten light slanting bars across the painter within rattling her cage:

the truly sensible urge to abandon all and go out into the fields the live long day!

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