Saturday, February 27, 2016

Visible and Invisible

                                                     Let the Lord’s name be blessed,
                                                      now and for ever.
                                                     From the sun’s rising to its setting,
                                                     the Lord’s name is to be praised.
                                                                                                            Psalm 112

                                                     I have long longed to be a painter.
                                                     To whorl thick, creamy hues,

                                                     to lay down a broken language 
                                                     onto the gaping blank of our despair

                                                     and what we cannot translate 
                                                     from the old country there. 

                                                     Or perhaps, interpret the light,
                                                     the way it sings all day

                                                     about You and everything it blindly touches,
                                                     hums its' pallets of shadows,

                                                     then lingers, 
                                                     like the evening's blues

                                                     at the close of day.  


  1. Cynthia, I love seeing a post from you in my inbox! It brings a smile to my face. This piece is interesting. I love its honesty in longing. I feel there are some mysterious connections between the stanzas, the thoughts, the hopes, the actions, the "can-nots". I feel like I want to know what's in the blank spaces between the stanzas. This is an interesting piece. Thank you so much for posting and sharing. All God's love and light to you, my friend!

    1. Thanks Amy! The blank spaces we live within so often!!! I really like your observation about the connections between stanzas and the desire to know "what's in the blank spaces between the stanzas." I will sit with this a while....Thank you for your time and effort to respond to my poem in the insightful and interesting way you always do!!! God bless you friend....

  2. Cynthia, your first line has been my longing too, but God had other plans :)I love what you have written about the Light and what it says to us all hours of the day, what thoughts and paths it leads us to. But my favourite has to be then lingers, like the evening's blues, at the close of day. There's always been something about the gracefulness with which the day ends that has gentled many a storm in my heart.

    1. Yes there seems a softness that invites a kind of gentle nurturing in the evening light. Painting does what our words cannot: it speaks its own language when no other language will do or come.... Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You are always so inspiring!!