Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter Dawn

                                                        O Christ, the Light of heaven
                                                        And of the world true Light,
                                                        You come in all your radiance
                                                        To cleave the web of night.
                                                                                                  Universalis Hymn

                                                         Winter has come
                                                         with its entourage of wind- 
                                                         birds through the realm of trees
                                                         shifting their tonnage

                                                         against the dawn's grey-feathered sky,
                                                         that is just opening its great wings
                                                         of snow and down of light
                                                         over the deep nests of the fields:

                                                         the unseeable branches of mystery
                                                         through our darkly shimmering sleep.


  1. I'm getting ready for another busy work day, already fretting about what waits at my desk, and I stop by here to see if your door's open. And it is! And what great grace of calm you have for your visitors!
    opening its great wings, of snow and down of light, over the deep nests of the fields
    Why, I could turn these beautiful lines into a much-needed prayer for myself ~ Lord, send down the comfort of Your snow and light into the deep nests of tiredness within me!

    God bless you for this!

    1. Thank you Caitlynne for your beautiful prayer!! Love it...I will be over to your place soon. Haven't been able to see my dear friends in a while. I miss my time here. Hope you are rested and filled with our Lord's peace!!! Love and light your way...

    2. I meant Claudia!! And how is your husband healing from his fall? Still praying for you all.

  2. He reached out to me through your poem, Claudia! I had been feeling so very tired these past 3 weeks. I'd be fine at work, running here and there, getting things done, but once I got home, I'd really droop. It was a struggle to care for the family after work, and it vexed me because I'd rather be tired for work than to be too tired to love and care for my family.
    All through today, I said the prayer based on your poem, and would you believe this - I was feeling the strain by afternoon; yet, once I got home, I was fine doing things that needed to be done for home and hearth!!

    I hope you write for many, many more years, Claudia. God knows how much tired souls need the refreshment He has to give through you.

    Thank you for inquiring after my husband. Yes, he's on the mend and doing very well. The fall hurt much, but it did him a lot of good too. It gave him time to reflect, it gave him a calmer Christmas. He's always been one who loves the family deeply, and does all he can for each one of us, and the fall helped him to see where he could try and cut back on work commitments, and use that time to enjoy the family instead.

    So, thank you for all your prayers. They have been wings, flying us from one point of grace to the next.

    God bless you.

    1. So thankful for you and your loving encouragement! I love the prayer "wings, flying us from one point of grace to the next." Beautiful and so true. I thought your name was Claudia, is it? My name is Cynthia. Sorry about the confusion....Many blessings your way...I am taking 3 classes this semester and have not had time to go over to your site yet! yikes...I am so looking forward to reading your wonderful and poetic writing!!XOXOXO

  3. Dear Cynthia,

    I always love your work with metaphor as in "deep nests of the fields". I love the ending couplet as it speaks to our current state, as St. Paul tells the Corinthians, we see as through a glass, darkly. Or,now we see as in a mirror, partially, and then face to face. We are covered in mystery!! (And mess, I might add.). Miss you, friend!! So glad to see you writing here....