Monday, January 19, 2015

"What Do You Want?"

Jesus turned round, saw them following and said, 
  "What do you want?"
            John 1:37              

                                                            Where are you staying
                                                            that I have not closed the door 
                                                            to you
                                                            or turned in my blindness's
                                                            away from your dazzling light?

                                                            Where, that I have not heard
                                                            in my deaf blankness
                                                            the music of your voice
                                                            or the soft murmuring of your truth
                                                            splintering the stone
                                                            before the tomb 
                                                            of my heart?

                                                            Where, that I may embrace
                                                            the pursuing flash 
                                                            of your love,
                                                            that around every corner
                                                            of my resistance
                                                            comes in-flooding
                                                            all the same?

                                                            Where are you staying 
                                                            that I may
                                                            from this separate sleep
                                                            in You? 


  1. This is another neat piece, Cynthia. I like that it follows and comments on and extends the liturgical reading for this Sunday. I love the honesty that exists here in the seeking as well as in the admittance of resistance. It is good to bring ourselves into the scripture in this way. Many Blessings to you!

  2. Yes! I went to Mass on Saturday and wrote it afterwards with the readings very much in mind and heart. There are so many ways we resist His love are there not? All is grace....