Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Shoveling Snow

                                              Lord, God, your light which dims the stars
                                              Awakes all things,
                                              And all that springs to life in you
                                              Your glory sings.
                                                                          Universalis Hymn

                                                        It is late afternoon and already
                                                        the sunlight
                                                        is crossing the borders
                                                        of evening
                                                        down the uneven lanes
                                                        and rough sidewalks

                                                        where she is scooping with her shovel
                                                        the deep and light
                                                        snow, tossing it over
                                                        the country of her thoughts
                                                        like shimmering migrations 
                                                        of confusion:

                                                        she is fourteen 
                                                        and still blurs the boundaries
                                                        of play and work;
                                                        she is tunneling away
                                                        from where she began
                                                        towards the roads of the world, 

                                                        while the dark begins
                                                        filling in 
                                                        the labor of her 
                                                        fleeting arrangements
                                                        with another sky
                                                        of piling stars.


  1. This is just beautiful, Cynthia. What a sweet and sharply focused moment, a mundance task illuminating the turn of a life. I love that there is a setting, and action, and a revelation in this poem. The last two stanzas are brilliant. Enjoy these moments!

    1. Thank you Amy....the moments are fleeting....i appreciate your thoughtful reading, encouraging and generous comments once again. You see so much!! I hope you are enjoying too!!! Love and light your way friend!!

  2. Beautiful and breathtaking! I imagine my own daughter, now 13 years old, here in your words. I'll have to share this with her. I especially love this: "tossing it over the country of her thoughts."

    1. Thank you Anne...We are so blessed by our children/teenagers. Enjoy your moments with them! So good to see you here!! God Bless..