Monday, November 10, 2014


Come, O Creator Spirit, come,
And make within our hearts your home;
To us thy grace eternal give,
Who of your breathing move and live.
                                         Universalis Hymn

                                                 You open the caved night of self
                                                 into the vast morning 
                                                 of You.

                                                 You open the long-pacing vigil of our fears
                                                 into the passageway
                                                 out from fear.

                                                 You open the burning pages of truth
                                                 in the volumes of Your beauty, 
                                                 in all beauty.

                                                 You open the wounds of our days
                                                 into the healing salve 
                                                 of your touch.

                                                 You open our clenched fists of need
                                                 into the spilling over
                                                 of grace. 

                                                 You open the ramps of eternity 
                                                 from the battered Ark of time
                                                 with Your flux of life.

                                                 You open, wider, the gates of Eden within, 
                                                 ushering all who thought
                                                 they were ever outside.

                                                 You open 
                                                 Your temple doors of light
                                                 in every form of being, 
                                                 in the humble, heart- 
                                                 hewn houses 
                                                 of love.


  1. Such majesty! ....In the humble, heart-hewn houses of love. Magnificent. I know I probaby use that word every time, but it's true every time.

    1. He is Magnificent!!! So grateful for His love and grace and beauty!! Thanks so much, Nancy, for your generous reply. You are a dear soul and friend...Blessings your way always...

  2. An incredibly beautiful poem, Cynthia. It might just be my favorite (though all your poems are glorious)!

    1. Thanks so much Mary. I keep practicing!!!! So good to see you here!!!

  3. Cynthia, this is fabulous! Thank you for your heart-felt prayer-poems.

    1. Thank you always Anne. You are such an inspiration and encouragement!! God Bless friend...

  4. Cynthia, I love the comments of your readers - so loving!! The universalis hymn is wonderful too. Your poem opens up those words into experiences. (A nod to your title!) I love the last two stanzas. They are a comfort. So, too, is the measured structure of this piece, the constancy of the tercets offers security. Thank you for posting!
    God's Love and Light to you, friend...

    1. You and all the lovely readers are amazing and loving and wonderful Christ warriors and I am so blessed, beyond and back, to be friends with through our various blogs. It truly is inspirational and I love visiting the beautiful writing and images all of you so graciously pour out from your hearts and souls. Thank you again and again for sharing this Christ centered journey!!! Love and light of our Lord to you all.