Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Solitary Glory

Let your servants see your great works,
  and let their children see your glory.
                                               Psalm 90
                                                                                                                 Google Images

The Ginkgo tree
seizes the eyes
with its' yellow, sun-gilded majesty
just beyond the library courtyard.

It stands as solitary
in the crowding miraculous,
bristling branch shadows
in the moment's monument.

Shekels of gold-grounded glimmer
beneath its' crown's star-flares 
and shelves of dim-
graying air.

And what beauty manifests there
is His beauty
sustaining the swath-fires of love in all,
with love;

opening His proclamations of light
as envelopes of evening 
the long, 
love poems of night.

The Ginkgo tree 
seizes the eyes,
then, the dead-quiet audience 
of the still stunned


  1. Cynthia,

    One of my favourite trees! Similarly, I am always transfixed by the beauty of the wattles when they are in flower in our local bushland. They look like gold amongst the green trees. Stunning!

    The Ginkgo tree
    seizes the eyes,
    then, the dead-quiet audience
    of the stunned


    1. What beautiful trees! I love the "wattles" you speak of in your bushland! So good to catch up with you again. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your inspiring comments. I'll be over to your place soon...God Bless..

  2. Marvelous, as always. I feel as if I've been sprinkled with gold dust by this one :).

    1. Thanks Nancy. It was so bright with yellow gold!! Only God could create that beauty....

  3. It is a wonderful moment when God's creation moves us to writing. I Iove the last stanza. I agree with Sue Elvis that it is perfect. Be well today, and filled with blessings!

    1. He is inspiring and amazing in so many ways. Thanks for reading and sharing in awe and appreciation of His creation. And for writing about it!!!! Blessings for you too friend!!!