Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Accept, we beg you, our prayer and work of this day,
  and grant us the rest we need
  that we may be ever more willing to serve you,
  who live and reign for ever and ever.
                                          Universalis Prayer

                                                           The snow fell
                                                            like thick sleep
                                                           after a lullaby softens
                                                            to quiet-
                                                           breathing in the waxing

                                                           as if the heavy, silhouette of night
                                                            shook shawls
                                                           of pearled light
                                                            over the blue-swaddled
                                                            of night;                    

                                                           as these vessels of prayer 
                                                            shone bright lamps
                                                           into the lonely,
                                                            late hours
                                                           of my wearied
                                                            and sleepless heart;

                                                           as I lay listening 
                                                            to the low vigil-voices 
                                                           of the crowded pines;
                                                            the wind kneeling
                                                           on the high hills 
                                                            in the matins of the stilling night.


  1. I see it. I hear it. I feel it all. "...the wind kneeling on the high hills in the matins of the stilling night."

    I thank God for your gift of words.

    1. Thank you Nancy! So thankful for His grace in all.

  2. I agree with Nancy. I am right 'there' as I read your words, Cynthia. We don't have snow here but I can imagine what it would be like by reading your poem. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Sue Elvis! May you experience snow one day!! God Bless friend...

  3. Cynthia, I love the last lines. The wind kneeling is superb. I appreciate your skill at carrying through a metaphor or theme to the end. Here it is sleep, and so fitting with the title and content. I love how prayer is weaved throughout. It is interesting to see how the six line stanzas offer order to what could be a chaotic night of sleeplessness and worry. I really enjoyed reading this!

    1. Thank you Amy! The snow is prayerful in and of itself. I thank God for another gift of beauty he so abundantly creates and gives...God Bless friend!!!