Monday, October 6, 2014

Surprised By Snow

The day is filled with splendour
When God brings light from light,
And all renewed creation
Rejoices in his sight.                                         
                              Universalis Hymn

                                                                                                                           Google Images

                                               I was tucking tomatoes into jars
                                               like sealed sunsets

                                               when the murmur of rain shifted 
                                               into a soft, silver tinging

                                               against the buckling season
                                               and our bright exaltation.

                                               The paling droplets
                                               blending with the thickening rain,

                                               becoming flints of pearls
                                               flinging through the commotion of air;

                                               scattering pale masses over the  
                                               burnished and bronzed gild of fall;

                                               as we stood looking, very young and not quite old,
                                               to the early movements of the snow's advance;
                                               as the mute jars stood guard, in rows,
                                               keeping watch

                                               the descending myriad,
                                               and the coming darkness behind.

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  1. The "sealed sunsets" is excellent! Such a beautiful metaphor. I like your use of stanzas. It slows the piece and allows us to live the moment. Beautiful phrases, "buckling season," "thickening rain." "The coming darkness behind" is interesting - seems to close the piece and open it up at the same time. Lovely. So glad for your writing and sharing...keep posting! Many blessings to you, friend.