Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fruit of the Trees

Let the love of your Holy Spirit be in our hearts:
  so that we may consecrate this day to you.
                                                               Universalis Prayer

                                                                                                                              Google Images

                                                      The trees are simmering their cinnamons, 
                                                 burnt-umbers, ocher-siennas, and ruby hues 
                                                 like ciders of mystics.

                                                 They are singing like folds of air 
                                                 through hollow reeds.

                                                 They are disheveled contemplatives
                                                 in deep prayer.

                                                 They are shedding their joy
                                                 they will soon become the fire
                                                 settling into the dark

                                                 They have become, for the hours, 
                                                 the shimmering way
                                                 to live
                                                 and to die.


  1. Of all your poems, this may be my favorite yet. I have read it over and over tonight.

    "The trees are simmering their cinnamons..." Ahhhhh. How wonderful. I think I'll be thinking of this a lot in the weeks just ahead.

    1. Thanks Nancy! This is such a gorgeous time of year isn't it? May you enjoy the miraculous flux!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Anne. Creation is full of God's glory and radiance! Blessings to you during this wondrous time!!

  3. This is fantastic, Cynthia. Even full with action, this piece is slow-moving like the season it describes. The stanzas give a steady beat and the repeption of sentence structure give the steady rhythm. The stanza breaks give us pause to absorb the image and its import. fantastic. I completely agree with Nancy's "Ahhhhh. How wonderful." And I love the last stanza. Bravo!