Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Deepen in us our love for you today,
  so that in all things we may find our good, and the good of others.
– Lord, lead us to the truth.
                                                      Universalis Prayer
                                                                                                                      Google Images

                                                   The migrations are making their 
                                                  patterns across the soul.
                                                  Bright wings, whatever they may be,
                                                  are opening their
                                                    above the murmurrations 
                                                 of the deep beneath, the urgings of life 
                                                 and the old damper of death,
                                                 where, we begin gathering satchels of light   
                                                 to carry into
                                                 our stark season;
                                                   where, we feel our way along  
                                                   the worn, caved
                                                 walls of unknowing;
                                                 where, ancient hues of herds are running still; 
                                                 where, we touch the lines of navigation 
                                                 and rest;
                                                   where, God waits
                                                   on laps of stars.


  1. Cynthia, this is delicious! What a picture you paint with your words! I love the word "murmurrations". Wonderful!

    1. That word resonates with me these days. The autumn song. Thanks again for your kind and generous reply...Enjoy these beautiful days and nights....God Bless friend...

  2. Cynthia, the prayer sets this poem on the path to truth: the Love we live is a dying to self. The journey we make, the birth, to death, to rebirth, to dying, cuts a pattern across our own souls as we traverse the obstacles along the road. When we read the natural world closely enough we see what God lays out for us, even us Human Beings. All the while we think we are alone. But you remind us that "God waits on laps of stars," rests in the past light of our present day, of our future glory. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thanks Amy for your thoughtful and insightful reply. It is wonderful to contemplate especially "the Love we live is a dying to self." So true!! and it is our pilgrimage here isn't it? Enjoy the path and the colors abounding!!! Love and light your way always....