Thursday, June 5, 2014

Closing The Door

Remember how short is my time.
  Was it truly so pointless, your creation of man?
Who is the man who can live and not die,
  who can save his life from the grasp of the underworld?
                                                                                                         Psalm 88

                                                        Closing the chicken coop door
                                                        In the blue-bone shadows of evening
                                                        Where we strain our looking
                                                        But cannot see. 
                                                        Barricading death
                                                        With a latch,
                                                        Some thin wood
                                                        Holding back
                                                        The teeth,
                                                        The quick shake
                                                        Of oblivion,
                                                        As the dust
                                                        Of moonlight
                                                        Settles over 
                                                        The jaws of darkness,
                                                        For now,
                                                        For now.


  1. This strikes me just where I've been personally "pondering" lately. I know that comment probably makes no sense, but I love this.... and I have missed you and your magnificent words!

    1. Thanks so much Nancy!!! I need to get back on line and catch up with your wonderful writing!!! Miss you!!

  2. Wow Cynthia! I too have been pondering the brevity of life very much lately. My older sister died so unexpectedly, and while she was seven years older than I am, she was much younger than my parents who both lived into their 90's. Lately I keep recalling that saying that we should live each day as if it were our last...and I don't. And that's something I'm pondering too. Thank you for the reminder, and I love the "dusky" picture you paired with it. You are still my favorite poet! xo

    1. Ah Patricia you are a dear and I have missed you too! Can't wait to visit your beautiful writing and soul!!! I have been away and miss my friends here!!! God Bless and seize the moment!!!