Monday, March 3, 2014

Winter Sycamores

If we take happiness from God’s hand, must we not take sorrow too? The Lord gave, the Lord has taken back. Blessed be the name of the Lord!
                                                       Universalis Responsory

                                              Google Images

                                                        The winter sycamores rise 
                                                        like roots of snow
                                                        through the smoky filigrees
                                                        of tree lines. They shift
                                                        over the pale-rounded trunks
                                                        of the fields-- flare up into the sky
                                                        as bright dreams of wings
                                                        through the low running clouds;
                                                        their tips twisting
                                                        toward the star-fire behind
                                                        the veil of what seems
                                                        the edge of the earth 
                                                        they are anchored
                                                        yet, floating
                                                        all the same--
                                                        like weathered bones of swans
                                                        on a mirrored lake--
                                                        like the shapes of our souls
                                                        toward the end
                                                        of a long, suffering season.


  1. Wonderful, as ever. Weathered bones of swans: magnificent! Shapes of souls toward the end of a long, suffering season: very thought-provoking. Perfect images to usher us into Lent.

    1. Yes! Here is to Lent...may your Lent be blessed. Thanks Nancy for your always kind words and insights.

    2. So beautiful, Cynthia! I love the "bones of swans" as well, and the "star-fire behind.". You always help me to better see how God speaks to us through nature. What a perfect meditation for Lent! I love the starkness of Lent. How perfectly God timed Passover so that one day, we would celebrate His Son's Resurrection in the glory of spring! Isn't He wonderful?!!!!! And so are you! Thank you for another "word painting." Many hugs, and prayers for a blessed Lent!

  2. Cynthia, I've been missing your poems! Thank you so much for this one-lovely, moving, deep. Your poetry is a feast for my soul!

  3. This is an interesting and intricate piece. The weathered bones of swans on a mirrored lake - the shape of our souls- the twisting ... It seems right to imagine our souls as having shape and form, and indeed, after long-suffering, the soul can feel just this way: anchored yet floating. You do well to give voice to this human experience.