Saturday, February 1, 2014

Silks Of Spring

 Lord God,
  living light of eternal love....
                                      Universalis Prayer
                                                                                                        Google Images

                                                        When the cold has become us
                                                         in the thick knit of winter
                                                              and the soul's 
                                                         dreamless recoil,
                                                         rise up from your sleep, 
                                                              in this moment,
                                                         and lift a brightening 
                                                         lamp of sun-fire
                                                              into your hidden dark,
                                                         where the gold-settled sap
                                                         sparks and begins its
                                                              imperceptible ascent
                                                         toward becoming 
                                                         the green plush
                                                              of love 
                                                         breaking open
                                                         over the pale bones of the long, 
                                                              strewn cold, 
                                                         where the heart is rolled under
                                                         veils of light
                                                         the silks of spring.


  1. I smile when I read this and think of spring!

  2. Cynthia, it is interesting to look back over these last two pieces and see the absence of "ing" words, which does, indeed, bring about a slower pace than the majority of your recent work. I think you do well to slow us down in the midst of this cold winter! We are dormant now, with all this snow keeping us in and sedentary, and we should embrace it a bit, instead of fight against it! Thank you for posting this. Love and light to you...

    1. Thank you Amy! once again for reading with care and such talent. I appreciate so much your keen eye and apt expression and observation. You are a true gift in soooooo many ways. So grateful for you lovely friend....Love to you always....

  3. Cynthia,,where I live, the birds are already scouting about to see where they will build their spring nests. Spring seems to come here before winter ends (on the calendar.) No "silk" yet though ;) I truly miss having "real" winters, which makes me wonder if our souls and bodies needs this "thick knit"..this hibernating time to slow down and maybe even be shut in by the ice and snow. I only know that I enjoy the little bit we have of it and grow ever so tired of the unbearable heat of summer which by July has roasted the beautiful floweres and has everything looking dead in a dried out and faded sort of way.

    Which is to say that I love your poem as always! So much wisdom in much food for our souls. Thank you, Cynthia, for always communicating far more than words alone can truly say. Love you!

    1. Thank you Patricia! It is always good to hear your words. It truly has been a winter here! I am happy for you that spring is stirring. May your soul fly from your nests you build. Take care dear friend...xoxoxox All love and light your way....

  4. This is so very inspiring thank you for your beautiful work GOD BLESSING TO YOU ALWAYS

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your generous comment!! God Bless you always too. Our Lord is so amazing to give us the gift of spring!