Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nothing Between

Our God comes openly, he keeps silence no longer.
The Lord, the God of gods has spoken:
  he has summoned the whole earth, from east to west.
God has shone forth from Zion in her great beauty.
  Our God will come, and he will not be silent.
Before him, a devouring fire;
  around him, a tempest rages.
Psalm 49

                                                                                      Google Images Patheos

Everywhere this layering-- 
the spent leaves
over the receding green
and tarnished-gold folding fields;

the undulating clamor
of the dark migrating
and the clear, air-
bells tingling
from the towers of silence;

the soul withdrawing 
and the heart beginning to breathe 
in the waves of loss;
the bright-scudding clouds
and the light-less beneath;

the falling fires of the trees
that are now turning, 
singularly sculpting
the sky beautiful,

as if the dark settlements 
were far away;
as if the ground and gravity 
had no say;

as if the moment
was everything
Your love,
with nothing


  1. Every poem I read of yours becomes my favorite. This is my new favorite. :)

    1. Thank you, friend, for all of your encouragement and kindnesses!!! God Bless....

  2. Cynthia, I love this one. I love "catch of clouds." I thoroughly enjoy so many of your phrases and shape-creations inside the sounds. So thankful for your gift and your sharing!