Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Where We Meet

He who is united to the Lord becomes one spirit with him. To be near God is my happiness: I have made him my refuge.
                                                                                         Universalis Responsory
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What dance
we become
in the fall, 
when all the myriad- 
mortal masses

are turning
into the descending
hues of sleep,

the ground 
of our souls
and what our roots embrace 
below the trees’

after our season’s
songs of light 
and losses,

we awake
  in the vast, 
to meet

and become one.


  1. I enjoy reading about becoming one with The Lord. I've been thinking a lot about that lately and have come across some other writings about it, accidentally. Union is in the air, I think. I like this piece and it's Autumnal reference. I often feel as though we are continually dropping into God in our weakness, in our letting go, in our dying to self. I enjoy the quick rise and fall of this piece -- a pace that is indicative of your poetry -- the poems that recognize God in a moment, and then share that moment with us in action, the short lines and that present-participle you employ so well(!): "turning...descending...settling...disheveling...surrendering..." It is good when God reveals himself to us. Thank you for posting -- I missed you!

  2. Cynthia, do you suppose our lives are like the seasons? This journey with God? Does it not have its flowering springtime, it's bright and glorious summer, and then the dry and dark days and months and years, beginning and ending again and again....sometimes staying for a long time in one season or another. Each season has its own beauty. Thank you for reminding me of this. I must look for the beauty in the dark and dry season which has been my dwelling place for so long. It is not so easy to see Him here, but perhaps this is when He is nearest of all. Love and blessings......

  3. Ah yes, the dark and dry season I know too, for so long. I find your insight that "He is nearest of all" a good and helpful reminder if we only look for Him. I do love all the seasons of our being-- the revolutions of a soul as we go along...Thank you for your beautiful response and contemplation. God Bless you friend!

  4. This is so beautiful. My imagination is entranced by descending hues of sleep, and, our season's surrendering. Though it seems to be a sad season on the surface, autumn is my favourite. It's a reminder that there is a deeper reality to life than what we see. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Tess for your lovely comments. I love your sites and writing!! I love autumn also and how it gives itself to the depths. So good of you to stop by and respond. I will be over soon....God Bless.