Wednesday, October 9, 2013


  You have given us life and light this morning:
  let us give thanks for such great gifts.
 Lord Jesus, you loved us and gave yourself for us.
                                                                        Universalis Prayer
                                                                                                                    Google Images

                                                    to the ways you move
                                                    through the throngs 
                                                    of the world:

                                                    now, becoming the poetry 
                                                    of the trees
                                                    scrawling the emblazoning 
                                                    parchment of morning;

                                                    the quiet folded places
                                                    we are opening 
                                                    from the deep pages of dreaming;

                                                    now, the light 
                                                    the hand poised
                                                    and the letter pressing down;

                                                    now, in these words
                                                    between their bright wings
                                                    of meaning
                                                    and the dark unknowing

                                                    where you are dropping
                                                    Your love notes
                                                    onto the laps 
                                                    of our becoming.


  1. Cynthia, I had a huge smile by the time I got to the end :) To me, this reads as another ars poetica, though it is more than that, surely. It is beautiful. I enjoy the repetition of "now," and then the different examples of The Lord coming into our lives in his own way. The last two stanzas are fantastic: I love "where you are dropping Your love notes onto the laps of our becoming." "the laps of our becoming" is fascinating. You are so adept at the use of metaphor, I don't even realize I'm reading figurative language unless I look for it, specifically. Bravo! What a gift... Can't wait to read more :)

    1. Thanks Amy! I appreciate your considered responses and their insights. I learn so much by them. Love and light your way friend...(sorry I have not had time lately to reply sooner.)