Saturday, August 31, 2013

Songs Of Light

How great are your works, O Lord,
– how immeasurably deep your thoughts.
                                          Wisdom 8:1

                               The grille of branches
                          You place
                       Before the dawn,
                           I begin 
                       To see through,
                           out of these slipping shadows of sleep,
                       Your will 
                           brightening the thickets
                       Of my ways, 
                           which are not your ways.

                       From my dark 
                       May I fly from self
                           taking refuge in your love
                       That is this shining out
                           sustaining all creation;
                       The spark whirling within
                           every form
                       And what remains
                           in their cessation,

                       Like the music 
                           of your voice 
                       Disentangling the morning
                       From the long ropes 
                           of night,

                       Just beginning 
                           to spread
                       Your songs
                           of light,
                       Unbinding soaring
                           over the quiet
                           of the greening hills,
                       Across the old countries
                           of our hearts.

Inspired by Nancy Suman's The Cloisterd Heart: An Introduction


  1. Cynthia,

    Nancy will love this poem, I'm sure! I do too.

    Disentangling the morning
    From the long ropes
    of night,

    I like that very much.

    Have you put together a volume of your poems in book form? We read blog posts fairly quickly, but your poems are worth pondering.

    God bless!

    1. Thank you Sue Elvis. I accidentally deleted my former comment. Pondering the book form. Thank you for your generous and kind comments and encouragement. Good to see you here! God Bless...

  2. Cynthia, Nancy is quite an inspiration and blessing with her posts. But I think you've captured the spirit!
    Blessings +

    1. Thank you Caroline! She is a blessing as are you!!! So thankful for you amazing blogging buddies!!!! God Bless...

  3. You are a psalmist, Cynthia. Your poems work so well; they are musical phrases exploring the many ways of God. Thank you for sharing your way of seeing.

  4. Cynthia, so many beautiful images in this one! What great glory you give to God through your psalms of praise. Yes, we need a we can ponder again and again. I love your blog! xo