Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Prayer Spoke

Through the bottomless mercy of our God,
 one born on high will visit us
to give light to those who walk in darkness,
 who live in the shadow of death;
to lead our feet in the path of peace.
                                                                                                             Benedictus Canticle


                                        We sit by the fire’s leaping tongues
                                        Clustering our humanity
                                               The great mute
                                        Darkness that is
                                        Life birthing
ing down                                        
                                        The abyss 

                                        In writhing
                                               We are threaded
                                        In a long loop
                                        Forming words
                                        Out of chaos
                                               And love
                                        He came to give
                                        While prophets
                                        Walked the earth
                                               And prayer spoke
                                        In the cool
                                        Of the evening.

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