Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Tuesday of Holy Week

If we are called by God to holiness of life, and if holiness is beyond our natural power to achieve (which it certainly is) then it follows that God himself must give us the light, the strength, and the courage to fulfill the task he requires of us.

                                               Life and Holiness by Thomas Merton

                                                     “Oh, that today you would hear His voice
                                                  Harden not your hearts…”                         

                                                                       Psalm 95:1,2

To love others as myself and express with love about He who is Love.  All else pales, is nothing in a diminishing pile of ashes.  My entire life is so much waste land, so much deep cavernous loss because of knowing Jesus and learning, ever so slowly, to be His disciple.  Saul encountered the risen Jesus, was blinded, and elevated to a new life, a new vision and pitch to his existence. All his former worldly life became as dust, as everything outside of Christ.  

Resurrection means an elevation of life to a pitch and beauty we cannot even imagine; to the everlasting being in Him.  Once we catch a glimpse of the divine all becomes lit with His truth of love.  Justified we are set right, we are brought to peace and given meaning to life.  This doesn’t come from our works and acts but through grace the risen Jesus becomes available to each one of us.  Jesus in the Eucharist, offering himself over and over to all of us; the dominions of rogues trembling in the transformations.

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