Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Wednesday of Holy Week

To you I lift up my eyes,
  to you who dwell in the heavens.
Like the eyes of a servant watching his master,
  like the eyes of a maid on her mistress’s hands,
  so we keep our eyes on the Lord our God,
  as we wait for his kindness.

                                                         Psalm 122

The doe and her twin fawns 
passed through
the monotones 
of morning
while the commotion 
of colors 
blazed overhead:

their tensely stepping 
shadows over 
the pasture
as if the gray-brown field 
got up 
to look around

before leaping
like dark hues
out of the foreground.

May I step through 
the fields of my days 
the opening lens 
of attention,
for glimpses 
of our Lord, 
coming alongside, 
in whatever guise; 

my faith leaping,
when leaping need be.


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