Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Thursday of the Second Week of Lent

For God is everywhere.  His truth and His love pervade all things as the light and the heat of the sun pervade our atmosphere.
                             Seeds of Contemplation. (New Directions Books)

The sky is a blue glass of light offering itself above the fallen stars of snow and long-fingered shadows of the trees. What displays of the Lord always underfoot, or looking up, or around the next corner, or at hand in the moment for our seeing and experiencing.  If only we could realize, out of the disheveled distractions of our lives, the gifts from our Lord He so generously and abundantly gives. God is giving Himself always.  By our rebellious nature, our obsessions with the mundane, our ingratitude, do we cease to see the luminous diffusion of His love throughout all creation; the co-inherence of divinity spilling over.  

All day the dazzling light gushing in. 



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