Sunday, March 4, 2012


Second Sunday of Lent
With God on our side who can be against us? Since God did not spare his own Son, but gave him up to benefit us all, we may be certain, after such a gift, that he will not refuse anything he can give. Could anyone accuse those that God has chosen? When God acquits, could anyone condemn? Could Christ Jesus? No! He not only died for us – he rose from the dead, and there at God’s right hand he stands and pleads for us.
                                                                                                                 Romans 8:31-34

Glory and praise to you, O Christ!
From the bright cloud the Father’s voice was heard:
‘This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to him.’
Glory and praise to you, O Christ!
                                                      Mt 17:5

Late night mingling morning, my lingering long by the fire, not wanting to leave the flames and logs and warmth.  I love the coral color of its’ diminishing.  If only these fierce strongholds of self were as beautiful in their leaving.  This sleep has been over me so long;  may I wake to the luminosity of the Lord.  May His luminosity shine in those we meet.  I wake to truth and take my waking slowly. The ashes fall away from the log as I pray and long to fall away from these ways of the world, these appetites of the flesh that keep me in their stronghold, their burning grates.  Only Christ can lead me, transform me as I am.  Dear Jesus, I pray, in these shadow lands parched and frozen, deep and buried, to blaze in you.

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