Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Living Water

Wednesday of the First Week of Lent

Glory and praise to you, O Christ!
Now, now – it is the Lord who speaks –
come back to me with all your heart,
for I am all tenderness and compassion.
Glory and praise to you, O Christ!
                                                        Joel 2:12-13
The water trough needed filling.  Dragging the hose down the hill at night, making a small passage for the running water in all this ice and frozen dominion.  The living water of Christ comes to me on nights like these beneath the deep snow, creatures and heroes of the constellations, queens and warriors.  Such gauzy depths of stars and nebulas and galaxies upon galaxies whirling overhead. The glassy reflection of Jupiter, Pleides, winter stars and quarter moon on the trough surface making a small universe there: God breathing out the cosmos; blazing all into being by speaking.  May I lift up my pooled heart on bitter nights and reflect you Lord in all your glorious creation.  May I dive deep, losing my life to save it.

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