Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fire Fighter

Our sufferings bring acceptance, acceptance brings hope: 
and our hope will not deceive us, for the Spirit has been poured into our hearts. 
It is through the same Spirit that we pray:
– Stay with us, Lord, on our journey.
                                    Universalis Prayer

                                                         He cannot simply get out 
                                                         of his hospital bed
                                                         without two nurses, our hovering,
                                                         the belt that is buckled around
                                                         to lead him 
                                                         where he does not want to go:

                                                         the steep and slippery climb
                                                         out of the ravages
                                                         of 86 years, the stroke,
                                                         his diminishing frame.

                                                         There is only so much fight left now.
                                                         It little flares 
                                                         like the ember-rubble of a burnt house
                                                         where you once stormed
                                                         through the inferno
                                                         as a great Fire Chief 

                                                         saving what life you could 
                                                         where you did not want to go.

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  1. Cynthia, this is an intense piece. I'm glad you are writing during this time and place and season of your life. The universalis prayer is awesome and the photo is stunning. But what I especially like is the shift from third person (him) to second person (you) at the end. For me, this reveals an intensity, an interplay and a perhaps a struggle between self as an observer who watches, notices, reflects, processes and contemplates, and self as an active participant who feels, and loves, responds, and tends. Also, tying one's life's work to one's life's ending through the phrase "does/did not want to go" is jarring and profound. And the fire/flame/embers metaphor is perfect. Great work. Many blessings to you....