Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gold Finch In Spring

                     I will see you again, and then your hearts will be filled with joy. Alleluia.

                                                 What yellow?  What child's rows
                                                 of waxy crayons or painter's slathered whorls
                                                 could mimic the finch's shock of hue
                                                 through the dim, rain-meshed morning?

                                                 What blooms rival the trumpet-
                                                 blast of lemon song
                                                 throughout spring's hazy kingdom 
                                                 of every-green?

                                                 He lights on red-budding 
                                                 branches of the Japanese maple,
                                                 a plumped, chromatic
                                                 strength of samurai. 

                                                 And who can pass by 
                                                 and not be hooked with his glory?
                                                 What cold soul
                                                 accustomed to ice

                                                 does not crave 
                                                 to fly
                                                 as lilting, winged sun-fire 
                                                 whistling by? 


  1. Every time, I want to say something about how one of your poems has touched me, and every time i can't find words. So now you know :) ! I once had a writing professor who would speak lines of delicious poetry aloud, and we could see her thoroughly savoring each sound, like someone delicately tasting bites of the finest foods. I read your words over and over, and think i must look the very same way.

    1. Ah, thanks Nancy for your beautiful comments. You are truly an artist and writer extraordinaire!!! I am thankful to have reader-friends like you out there and in my heart!! God Bless...

  2. I just love this, Cynthia! Everything, every line. This is one of my favorites! I love the quatrains, the descriptions, the metaphor. The end-rhyme is perfect. Four of the five stanzas are questions -- this is hard to do well, and you do it very well. I like the connection between Japanese maple and samurai. It's fun for me to live in the same town as you, for I know the "rain-meshed" landscape you describe. I just spoke with the kids on the way to school this morning about how the watery air and the tiny spot of sunshine can make all the colors brighter, popping out of the landscape. "rain-meshed" is fantastic. As is "every-green" and the allusion to the not too distant Winter with "cold soul" and "ice.". I, too, love to see the flashes of gold finches out my window. Thank you for sharing this piece and for practicing your craft of writing. Love and Light to you, friend, and the warmth of Spring!

    1. Lovely comments Amy. Thank you for your deft and deep reading and commenting. You are an encouragement always friend! I love that you speak to your children about the brightening colors against the "watery air and the tiny spot of sunshine" and their making "all the colors brighter, popping out of the landscape." They are so blessed by the gift of you! Yes, the gold finches are all about my yard as I have filled yet another feeder with thistle! This on landed in the Japanese Maple as I was passing by the window and I had to stop and look and marvel. Love them so much. Thank you for you! Enjoy the coming in of Spring!!!