Saturday, April 4, 2015

Holy Saturday

Something strange is happening – there is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness. The whole earth keeps silence because the King is asleep. The earth trembled and is still because God has fallen asleep in the flesh and he has raised up all who have slept ever since the world began. God has died in the flesh and hell trembles with fear. 
                                                               Universalis Ancient Homily

                                                           Just this:
                                                           the great silence of the grave
                                                           Christ's cry thunders into
                                                           calling forth the holy dead,
                                                           while we listen 
                                                           within our myriad tombs
                                                           for His voice,
                                                           rising above all darkness,
                                                           transforming death
                                                           for us,
                                                           for an eternity 
                                                           of love in Him.



  1. I love this post, Cynthia. Firstly, the Universalis Ancient Homily is such a treat to read. It shines with intensity. Secondly, "Just this:" is a fantastic entry into the poem. It creates the opening and allows the essence of the piece to be cupped as if in a cave of its own -- it speaks to the grave, the tomb, the hewn rock. I like the humility of "tombs of our words." The ending feels right; it is a perfect close. Thank you for sharing this. Happy Easter!

    1. You are most welcome and thank you for stopping by and again for your kind and insightful comments!!! I love that Universalis quotation too! Thanks be to our Lord for what he has done for all of us...Happy Easter friend!!!