Thursday, March 5, 2015

During Lent

                                                    As thou didst hunger bear, and thirst,
                                                    so teach us, gracious Lord,
                                                    to die to self, and chiefly live
                                                    by thy most holy word.
                                                                                       Universalis Hymn

                                                          Our cat leaves a dead mole;
                                                          A gift dropped at the door.

                                                          Soft plush of fur
                                                          On the bone-white snow,

                                                          Still warm,

                                                          A gift

                                                          In a lent hunger: 
                                                          In her eyes a caged heart

                                                          Pulsing with desire
                                                          To devour

                                                          The offering 
                                                          Dropped at the door.


  1. Hmmmm...are we not all wishing to devour our own offerings...? Wow. To think we could really give a gift to God by giving something up. This poem is a challenging one, in that I don't think I could give a gift as well as the cat!! Ha!

    1. Yes! I was so struck with the cat's reigning in her passion to eat the mole. It was a good thing to notice during Lent!! I don't think I could give as well either!! Practice, practice and more practice. Happy Lent friend!!