Thursday, October 9, 2014


Almighty God,
  you are all light,
  in you there is no darkness.
Let your light shine upon us in all its radiance...
                                                          Universalis Prayer

                                                                                                               Google Images

                                             The evergreens we planted through the back fields
                                         are tall now; infuse the sky like deep ink.

                                         All that autumn afternoon we tucked their roots 
                                         into the dark cups of earth;

                                         arranged them in rows of bright triangles
                                         like icons of the trinity;

                                         where, now, they glow transparent in their time,
                                         stand like chapels of starlight,   

                                         where God still emblazons their groves--
                                         is dropping cones of fire

                                         over the ghosts of green
                                         and the brushed frost's sheen.


  1. Cynthia, this is a neat piece. I love how the title seems plucked, just right, out of the poem. The couplets are lovely and gentle, the metaphors apt and tender: "dark cups of earth" is fantastic. The end rhyme brings closure and the "sh" and "s" sounds in the final line slow us into contemplation. Thank you for sharing this picture of God.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. This was a fun piece to write about remembering the day we planted the trees. I had an early, early attempt at this poem about 8 years ago that bombed. All in its own time I guess. And i have been enamored with "s" and "sh" sounds this month! Aren't they fun? ! God Bless and enjoy your moments in the season...