Thursday, October 30, 2014


Lord God, deepen our faith,
  strengthen our hope,
  enkindle our love...
                            Universalis Prayer

                                                  It does not have to be elaborate
                                                  or fraught with snares of the mind,

                                                  or steel traps of the heart
                                                  gaping in the undergrowth.

                                                  It does not have to be a maze of blind
                                                  wandering for forty years,

                                                  so far,
                                                  so far into the desert of ourselves.

                                                  It does not have to be a slate of sleep
                                                  lodged in the palisades of reason.

                                                  It only has to open,
                                                  like the heavy-lidded

                                                  light each morning,
                                                  beneath the crush of night;

                                                  like hands reaching out
                                                  from the mob of darkness,

                                                  His array of love.



  1. I agree with Nancy! I like the couplets. I like the humility. I like the emphasis. I love the caution against, or, release from going inward or closing, and then the encouragment to open and reach for God.

  2. Yes, our faith reaches toward His love. Especially during our darkest hours....Thank you for your lovely comments once again....God Bless....