Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Coming Up For Air

I shall be filled, when I awake, with the sight of your glory, O Lord.                                                                              Psalm 16
                                                                                               Google Images Olsen

                                                                       I've come to the edge
                                                                      Of the green 
                                                                      These senses
                                                                      They go 
                                                                      The air
                                                                      Where I need less 
                                                                      And less
                                                                      And more of nothing
                                                                      Save love
                                                                      Of You
                                                                      And Your sweet 
                                                                      Of beauty 
                                                                      Coming up 
                                                                      For air.


  1. I really appreciate the phrasing "where I need less/and less/and more of nothing". It is an unusual way of thinking about things and really grabbed my attention. I wonder about the sweet breath of beauty coming up for air -- at first I thought about the speaker emerging from the water, but after reading again, I think perhaps it is God's own breath coming up for air, with the speaker, in a way, or even that the speaker comes up into the breath of God, that the breath of God is the air...regardless, I sense that this piece is full of beauty and light. Thanks, as always, for posting! Many blessings...

  2. Oh my! Cynthia...just exquisite! As always, I love the crescendo which culminates in HIM. If only I could need "more of nothing..." Sigh! Leaving for vigil Mass shortly. Want to wish you a very happy Feast of Christ the King. Just love this beautiful ending of the liturgical year. Love and prayers always....xoxoxo