Monday, September 16, 2013

Ways Of Blessing

                                    Before the angels I will bless you, my God. 
                                     I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart,
                                    for you have heard the words of my mouth.
                                    In the presence of the angels I will make music to you,
                                    worship before your holy temple.
                                                                                                              Psalm 137

                                                                                                       Google Images

The humming bird is blessing
the bright sleeves
of blossoms,
entering their scrolling light,

and deeply,
as if reconciling
the air

to the tips of pollen,
the thrumming sibilant wings
to the still, silken petals,
the cold dark crouching

to the late warmth lingering;
as if gathering the satchels 
of sweetness
all the sun-flecked day

becomes a way of entering
the temples of joy,
a way of receiving
His wild grace--

a way we are worn 
His Sacred 


  1. You have captured the meaning of the joyful bliss that is the blessing of the humming bird here for me. As this small, delicate creature looks up to feed I see its complete dependence on God. Joyfully it comes to the banquet table that has been set before it.

    I love the thought of His wild grace. Beautiful MEM...

  2. Thank you Daily Grace! I love that you have brought joy to this poem! I will lend the temples of prayer to joy at your inspiration and suggestion. Oh that we would all joyfully come to the banquet table. So glad you stopped by and left such beautiful thoughts and responses. God Bless...

  3. Marvelous! I love "we are worn into His Sacred Heart." (of course!)

  4. Thanks Anne! That's where we need to be!!! So much love from His heart...God Bless. Good of you to stop by....Enjoy the coming in of autumn....

  5. Cynthia,

    Oh, I love to watch the birds..They do joyfully give us the secret of God's majesty. Since they don't speak, we have to observe their beauty as you so wonderfully painted in words. That's what poetry is like to me...A painting in words..
    Thank you for helping me to 'see' His majesty better in the hummingbird!
    Blessings +

    1. Thank you Caroline! I love them too! Our Lord is infinite in His artistry isn't He? Enjoy the beauty!! God Bless