Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Kind Of Love

Fill us with your kindness in the morning,
  and we shall rejoice and be glad all the days of our life.
Give us joy for as long as you afflicted us,
  for all the years when we suffered.
                                                                             Psalm 90

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                                                     A kind of love comes,
                                                     merciful and blessed,

                                                     into the exiles of despair
                                                     and sorrow;

                                                     quiet as the moon’s light-
                                                     shawl sliding over 

                                                     the shoulders 
                                                     of the dark-giant trees.

                                                     It is a glimpsing home;
                                                     the broken back screen door.

                                                     It is the old arms of hope 
                                                     wide open as dawn.

                                                     It is the ear poised, listening 
                                                     to the long loneliness 

                                                     sleeving the soul’s 
                                                     brackish night.

                                                     It is peace stepping into
                                                     the coiling sleepless hours.

                                                     It is kindness 
                                                     pulling up a chair

                                                     in the kitchen 
                                                     of light.

                                                     It is the deep hospitality
                                                     of joy  

                                                     we drink 
                                                     from the chipped edges 

                                                     of our cups 
                                                     shared and filled up.

                                                     It is this tenderest refuge  
                                                     and gift from You, Lord.


  1. How do you do it, Cynthia? Each poem you share is more wonderful than the last! There is so much beauty inside of you!

    1. Thank you Anne for this gracious and beautiful response. These poems are the beauty of the Lord that he reveals through words arranged here despite my fallen humanity dragging a disarray of dysfunctions. Praying many blessings for the wonderful light of you....

  2. I am totally with Anne... how do you do it? Every single one of your poems is my favorite. Until I find another favorite. "a glimpsing home; the broken back screen door..." "the ear poised, listening to the long loneliness sleeving the soul’s brackish night..." "the chipped edges of our cups shared and filled up..."

    Why are tears forming just under my eyelids as I quote these words? I don't know. They are good tears. I think they are tears of awe.

    1. Thank you Nancy, once again, for your lovely response. It brings me great joy to know these words have nudged a soul in the direction of seeing a bit of His unfathomable beauty and love. May we all be in awe of our amazing Lord. Praying for our seeing...God's abundant blessings for you....

  3. Cynthia, Anne and Nancy have expressed what I always wonder when I come here to bask in your exquisite imagery. How? I find myself wondering how you think...the stream of your thoughts. I imagine such beauty, words swirling and tumbling in your imagination until they give life to autumn in "fists" of jewels. We are so blessed that you share such beauty with us. As always, I am waiting for Volume I. :) And, Robert Frost has some serous competition now...after years of being my favorite poet. Love and blessings, dear Cynthia. You are extraordinary!

    1. Oh my goodness...I thank you for your extremely generous reply Patricia, how kind and sweet of you...I cherish your prayer words you write and all the beauty I have been blessed with by the reading them and Anne's and Nancy's too. You ladies astound me with your kindness and support and amazing blogs and hearts on fire for our Lord. God Bless you with His abundance....

  4. Cynthia,
    There is much here to contemplate. It takes me many readings to get into the depth of your metaphor, which speaks to the level of effort you put into your pieces. "quiet as the moon's light-/shawl sliding over/the shoulders/of the dark-giant trees" is a favorite image and sound. Even single modifiers/adjectives ("coiling") become metaphor in your deft hand. The hours you spend (have spent) are bearing fruit (!) Love to you ~ A.

    1. Thank you Amy for your always insightful and generous responses. You are so good to spend your time reading and commenting. I appreciate your time and love...the light and love of Christ be with you, in you always...

  5. You are about to hear an echo in your ear because I find your poetry incredibly beautiful too. You have a wonderful gift and it's a gift to us also! Thank you!

  6. What beautiful poem of praise, gratitude and hope! Thank you for blessing my day with such graceful words!

    1. Thank you Heidi for such a lovely glad you stopped by and we are so blessed by our is all from Him. God Bless you...

  7. Cynthia, Each line of your poems is like a stair step...Before you step up to the next you have to stop..and picture each in your mind.

    'we drink from the chipped edges of our cups shared and filled up.'

    I'll be on this step awhile!

    Blessings +

  8. Thank you so much Caroline. I have been enjoying your posts!! There is so much to thank our Lord for in any moment, on any stair. God Bless you!!! So glad to meet up with you...