Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Yours are the heavens and yours is the earth,
  you set firm the globe and all it contains.
                                                              Psalm 88

I heard the tractor 
going ‘round the field
 swathing the morning, 
my awakening.

The circling blades
 laying down the grasses
that sang and swayed
through summer rain and light.

Gathering bundles
of bright hues
   to be nourishment 
    for the bleak season; 

 the gold-fire 
    gilding the limitless 
  love offering
  of God.


  1. The highway that runs up and down Hwy 395 contains sights such as theses. The grass is cut down & gathered, it is wound tightly as it lies there drying in the sun. I always thought about the circle of life when I have gazed upon it, about the scripture passage regarding the grain of wheat that falls. Now I will add to this thought the limitless love offering of God.

    This is beautiful meditation for me as I say my morning prayer.

  2. Thank you Daily Grace! I love your reflections on Hwy 395 and the circle of life and grain of wheat. Our God is so generous with His abundance. Your comment has influenced me to change the order of the ending! So glad you stopped by...God Bless.

  3. Beautiful, cynthia! (And I like the change very much.) It is good to be reminded of God's limitless-ness.