Monday, July 15, 2013


 Abide with us; the orb of day doth vanish;
Thou Light of Light, the powers of darkness banish:
At evenfall, good Lord, thy people bless;
Shine in our hearts, thou Sun of righteousness.
                                                            Universalis Hymn            

The fire flies are speaking 
their gold-spark tongue
over the gathering 
congregation of night.

They are mingling 
with the quiet curling 
within the woven 
branches of sleep

and hushed 
murmurings awakening
from the deep 
shadows tangling.
They are searching 
out their completion
in the darkening silhouette 
of the glittering air.

They are light 
calling to light--
they are each alone 
in a crowded sphere. 


  1. Cynthia, fire flies have been on my mind, too... This post is comforting. the photo and the centered structure help create that sense of comfort. Your use of punctuation slows this poems down to fit the content (eventide). It seems like a slower poem in comparison to your other pieces which seem to crest quickly and fall at a fast pace to their completion. I feel like the w's, m's, and s's in your word choice help keep the poem at a slower pace. Yet the repreated use of the present participle affords the reader a sense of continuous motion, which fits perfectly the dance of fire flies in the evening as many other beings are settling in to restfulness. So lovely!

  2. My favorite:

    They are mingling
    with the quiet curling
    within the woven
    branches of sleep

    Such beautiful imagery! More, more!!!

  3. Thanks Cristina! Glad you stopped by and I'll be over to your site soon!!