Thursday, June 20, 2013


Eternal Father, it is by your gift that we praise you:
  the wonder of our making is only surpassed by the splendour and joy of our coming to life in Christ.
– We adore you, our Lord and God.
                                                                      Universalis Prayer

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All day
 this joy
hooking my dark
crocheting peace
into shawls
enfolding me.

All day
the light speaking
in its bright tongue
through the folds of fields
and crowded tree lines
like an absolution
over all that is inspiring
and expiring,

the deaf dark
and the sanctuaries of

All day
the bright given
on the shoulders of summer
in the myriad

like the green
gloves of leaves
and hymns
of lilies
on ponds
of the air;

like the grace
of the Eucharist
onto the dying palms
of the living.

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