Monday, June 10, 2013

Candy Bright

"Look towards him and be radiant;
   let your faces not be abashed."
                                                         Psalm 33:6

                                                                                                   photos by  Google Public Domain

                                                          Is there any happiness
                                                             as candy bright
                                                          as the orange-red poppies

                                                          bursting mayhem
                                                             on the slopes of morning?

                                                         They are rolling
                                                             on the backs of grasses

                                                         through the fields
                                                             of light

                                                         as though there is nothing
                                                             of dark

                                                         dread or loss

                                                         or no hand breaking
                                                             the stems of life;

                                                         as if, all the globe-blue day
                                                            they have nothing better to do
                                                         than rumpus

                                                         their riot of red
                                                            beneath the hiding stars--

                                                         shouting out

                                                         from black tongues
                                                            into the priggish air

                                                         before the 

                                                            plunks down
                                                         on their fun.

1 comment:

  1. Cynthia, another great poem! Love the first picture the most! Are you the photographer? The psalm that begins this piece is my favorite. I pray it every day! Thanks for all that you do-I see a floral poetry compilation book coming!