Friday, May 31, 2013

God Dancing

O strength and stay upholding all creation...
And day by day the light in due gradation
From hour to hour through all its changes guide...
                                                                                                Universalis Hymn

Both light and shadow are the
                                                                dance of love.


                                                  See how the light becomes joy
                                               how it is the grace in the flesh of being
                                               the holy residing
                                               gathering shadows
                                               in bouquets
                                               of God



  1. You've been busy lately, Cynthia! Both this poem and yesterday's are magnificent! From "Offerings" I love this: "cupping the current of light and warmth that falls on all the same like love from our Lord." I am so grateful for the gift of your prayerful poems! You bring the beauty of spring to life in such a refreshing way!

  2. Thank you Anne for such a generous comment. So grateful to share with you a bit of the magnificent beauty of our Lord God! God Bless...